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Employee disengagement is one of the biggest threats to a company's bottom line. Underperforming and disengaged employees are more contagious than engaged employees. Disengaged employees can cause productivity levels to drop, company morale to plummet and can even destroy a company's ability to recruit new talent. Many companies today are increasingly realizing that strategic employee incentive/ recognition programs can drive engagement and the bottom line. Advancing recognition from a "nice-to-have" to a business success requirement.

Custom Design Marketing recognizes the benefits of properly structured incentive/recognition programs as a key driver to increased employee engagement and achievement of corporate goals and objectives. Avoid the 30 key mistakes companies make when designing a program. We have successfully implemented incentive/recognition programs for our customers, representing various industries. They have seen for themselves the difference between a "willing" employee and a truly "engaged" one. "Willing" employees get the job done, doing what's essential, but nothing more. "Engaged" employees seek to improve efficiency, effectiveness and results, looking for opportunities to go above and beyond to achieve personal and team bests.

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